Sea sand desalination equipment

Sea sand desalination equipment

Product Details

The sea ​​sand desalination equipment produced by Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory allows the sea sand raw materials to be transported to the sea sand desalination equipment by belt, and the sea sand desalination equipment is used to screen shells, mud, salt, chloride ions and screen for small shell impurities. After passing through the chute, it enters the cleaning pool for cleaning. After the second cleaning, the qualified finished product can be transferred to the yard. It is a line equipment that can continuously dilute the sea sand.

For sea sand desalination equipment that can dilute sea sand, it is like using a concrete mixer with built-in rotating blades and grabs to rotate itself. The inlet pipe is connected to the water inlet system of the equipment, and the seawater is washed with the continuous addition of water to make the chloride ion content of the sea sand meet the requirements, and then the outlet pipe discharges the washed water to complete the desalting work.