How should the impeller of the spiral sand washing machine be maintained?
- 2018-11-12 -

The impeller is a very important part of the spiral sand washing machine and is very fragile. Because the material is distributed and emitted in the impeller, if the operation is improper, it is easy to cause the material to wear the impeller. Therefore, in daily production, daily maintenance and maintenance should be done, even if the consumables are corrected and replaced, so as to avoid the transition of the impeller, resulting in expenditure and construction period.

1. The parts should not be easy to wear, because once the impeller wear is serious, it will lead to the extension of the entire production time, and will also reduce the life of the sand making machine. Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory pays attention to The impeller material is made of materials that are not easily worn, and the materials are processed by a series of equipments of the relevant enterprises.

2. Require the manufacturer of the spiral sand washing machine to add the marking of the impeller to the appearance of the sand-making equipment after completing the production of the sand-making machine equipment, so that the user can know the rotation of the impeller during production. Then proceed with an orderly feed.

3. The structure of the impeller is a hollow cylinder made of a certain material. Therefore, in the design process, it is necessary to install it on the upper end of the main bearing, and also use a conical sleeve and a key to transfer the button pitch. This is done to threaten the operator when the impeller is thrown out during high-speed rotation or when the impeller is deflected.

Sand machine impeller maintenance and precautions:

Regularly close the equipment to check the internal wear of the spiral sand washing machine, the center feeding pipe, the cone cap, the impeller upper and lower runner lining, the circumferential guard plate, the degree of wear, and replace the grinding block in time to make the weight of the grinding block the same. It is forbidden to open the observation door during the working process of the crusher to observe the internal working conditions to avoid danger. It was found that the impeller body wear was replaced in time to find a manufacturer to repair. Also note that it is strictly forbidden to make the impeller privately without the manufacturer's consent.