The process of crushing sand making equipment to make cobblestone sand
- 2018-11-12 -

The pebbles that we usually get from the river can have a part of natural sand. In this case, we need to first pick up the mixture of pebbles and natural sand to dry, then use the drum sieve to sift out the sand, and the rest can be broken into the crushing sand making equipment. The optional coarse crusher has a jaw crusher and a single-cylinder cone. In general, the size of the cobble raw material is not more than 400. However, if a large proportion is encountered, the material must be broken and the large model is added. The crushing sand making equipment is then broken with a fine crusher or a cone. Of course, the crushed material still needs to be sieved, and the particle size ( 40mm ) suitable for entering the sand making machine is sent to the crushing and sand making equipment for fine crushing, and a part of the sand is produced after the fine crushing, and then sieved out by the vibrating sieve. The vibrating screen is mainly used to divide the specification and transfer. Generally , the material larger than 40 will be returned to the jaw crusher or the cone will be broken again. The sand of 4.75-40mm will be returned to the sand machine for crushing again, and so on, until all the raw materials are sanded.


Cobblestone sand production line process

The process of cobblestone sand is roughly the same, but there will be subtle changes depending on the composition of the river pebble. We will give a few examples of simple explanations.

Cobblestone feeding machine -- crushing sand-making equipment coarse --- vibrating screen screening -- breaking sand making equipment sand -- vibrating screen screening -- washing machine washing -- drying in the yard. Of course, we can also choose dry type, and replace the sand washing machine with the classifier.

Mixture of pebbles and natural sand: drum screen - fine crusher jaw crusher ( HST single cylinder hydraulic cone broken) coarse crushing - vibrating sieve screening - sand making machine fine sand making - vibrating sieve screening - sand washing Machine washing - the yard is dried.

Of course, there are cases where the diameter of the cobblestone is more than 200mm , but we can see from the above that the general process of the river pebble sand has basically no change, basically it is the crushing -- screening - re-breaking -- re-sieving routine. However, the changes in details are also worthy of vigilance. The user investment is to be more perfect. Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory, as a manufacturer of crushing sand-making equipment, should try its best to do it for the users.