The working principle and function of the processing of sieve sand machinery
- 2018-11-12 -

Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory is a manufacturer of sieve sand machinery and equipment processing . It has many years of experience in the processing of sand screen machinery and equipment, production experience, market awareness, etc. The sand screen machinery and equipment has brought convenience to the development of the construction industry. The sieve sand has been transformed from the previous many people by artificial sieve sand to the current sand sieve machine for sand screening. Now, using a sand sieve machine, one can easily complete the work of many people!

The processing of sand-screening machinery and equipment is a rigorous process. In order to make the quality of the project meet the standard, the production of sand-screening machinery and equipment must also be strictly in accordance with the regulations. The sand-screening machine is suitable for many people in the construction industry. We also hope to make more People like the sand-screen machinery made in our factory.


The whole processing equipment of sieve sand is composed of raw material storage hopper, raw material feeding belt conveyor, flat screen, waste sand pile belt, abandon stone discharge trough, etc., after the sanding machinery equipment is energized, the raw materials are loaded into a large capacity. The storage hopper, and then the raw material is put into the flat sieve cylinder through the supply belt, and the sieve cylinder rotated by the sieve sand mechanical device can drive the raw material to form a raw sieve on the screen surface under the pushing and tumbling of the blade in the cylinder. In the style of sand, the waste sand that has been screened out by the equipment can fall on the belt through the collecting hopper, and at the same time, it is lifted down by the belt to be a waste material pile or indirectly into the storage hopper.


The whole process of the sand screening machine is continuous and the material classification is clear and accurate, which greatly reduces the labor force and reduces the cost. With a complete set of excavation devices, screening devices, lifting devices, and communication devices, it can be said that it is multi-purpose. The operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the cost is low. It is really a good choice for small factories and individuals. The recovery rate of this equipment is lower in the sand gold extraction equipment, but the return rate is quite high.