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How to deal with the rust of broken sand washing equipment
- 2018-11-12 -

With the increasing demand for sand in the construction industry, natural sand has obviously not been able to supplement the needs of today's buildings, which naturally gave birth to broken sand washing equipment. The sand production line with broken sand washing equipment has been gradually applied in various regions, and the beneficiation equipment industry has been developed. More and more mineral processing equipment has been put into industrial production.


Broken sand washing equipment is an industrial machinery equipment, the material is selected steel or other non-wearing materials, because its working load is relatively high, broken sand washing equipment will easily rust after a long period of use, if not After scientific treatment, it will affect the working efficiency of the crushing and sand washing equipment and shorten the service life of the sand making machine. In another case, when the crushing and sand washing equipment is not used in winter, it is necessary to clean up the sand and gravel materials remaining in the equipment, and it is not allowed to cause corrosion to the crushing and sand washing equipment itself.


Correct method of derusting

You can use the physical descaling method to carry out rust removal maintenance on the crushing and washing equipment. This method is white to polish the surface of the broken sand washing equipment by grinding. In this process, you can use the machine to polish or sand the artificial sandpaper. This way, the rust can be quickly cleaned. However, the shortcoming is that the rust spots are easy to recover, so the user should take some corresponding measures after adopting this method.


Secondly, one is the common chemical rust removal method, which can also remove rust spots. Although this method of pickling is fast, it should be cleaned in time. This method will also cause corrosion to the metal iron itself, and if it is not cleaned, it will damage the machine.


In addition, the rust and rust-proof treatment of the crushing and washing equipment can be carried out by means of washing, sanding and rust prevention. This method is a combination of a high-pressure water gun and a sander. On the one hand, the rust is polished by a sander. On the other hand, the high-pressure water gun can wash away the cleaned rust, and then use anti-rust paint after drying. Rust treatment. This method consumes more water, but this method is cleaner.