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How to operate after using second-hand sand making machinery to achieve good results
- 2018-11-12 -

In the production process of sand and gravel, many companies will purchase some second-hand sand-making equipment sold by the factory for the production of sand and gravel in the production process of sand and stone. The newly purchased second-hand sand making equipment is due to some operators. Without understanding the functional structure and performance characteristics of the equipment, and not paying attention to the maintenance of the equipment, the second-hand sand making equipment generally works poorly, often failing to achieve the expected results, resulting in low work efficiency. Then, for the newly purchased second-hand sand making equipment, how should the production operators operate to achieve better results? Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory has made many used sand-making equipments for sale, so The survey, combined with years of production experience, has reached the following conclusions, to give you a reference.


Before the operation of the second-hand sand making machinery , the operator should have an understanding of its performance characteristics and structural characteristics. It should accept the instructions of the manufacturer or ask the operation mode of the previous operator, strictly in accordance with the operating specifications, so as to avoid the operation error. loss. There is also a smooth transition period for used sand-making equipment. We all know that the conversion period is more important for second-hand sand-making equipment. Smooth and smooth transition period can allow the normal operation of sand production in second-hand sand making equipment. During this period, second-hand sand making equipment should pay attention to the lubrication and wear of the machine, and it can not operate at high load.


For the purchase of second-hand sand making equipment, in order to achieve better working results, familiar with the performance of the equipment, standard operation, reasonable running-in process, daily inspection of wear and lubrication, etc. are indispensable. In the daily operation of second-hand sand making equipment, if you do this, second-hand sand making equipment can not only achieve good results, but also the low incidence of failures, which will also reduce production costs and increase the use time of the machines.