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Five common faults and solutions for crushing sand making equipment
- 2018-11-12 -

The crushing and sand-making equipment is currently used in many sand-making equipment. In the production, the sand-breaking and sand-making equipment will inevitably encounter problems. Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory will now introduce you to the 10 common types of crushing and sand-making equipment. Faults and solutions, I hope to help you.

1. The equipment is not running smoothly, and the body swings too much.

The cause of the failure: 1 ) The impeller wearing parts of the crushing sand making equipment are relatively easy to wear seriously; 2 ) the feeding size is too large; 3 ) there is a blockage in the impeller flow passage of the equipment, so that the feeding is uneven and oscillates.

Solution: 1 ) It is possible to replace the vulnerable parts of the equipment and balance the impeller inside the sand making machine; 2 ) strictly control the granularity of the feeding of the equipment, not higher than the allowable range of the equipment; 3 ) block the impeller flow path The material is taken out and the crushing chamber is often cleaned.


2. An abnormal sound is emitted during the operation of the equipment

The cause of the failure: the connecting bolts inside the sand making machine or the wearing parts such as the lining plate and the impeller loosen and fall off.

Solution: The equipment should be stopped and the parts that are loose or have been detached should be re-tightened.


3. The bearing is not flexible

The cause of the failure: the bearing seal cover of the sand making machine enters a foreign matter such as a material.

Solution: Open the sealing cover and clean the foreign objects.


4. Bearing temperature rises

The cause of the failure: 1 ) The bearing parts have dust and foreign matter entering; 2 ) The bearing grinding is damaged; 3 ) The bearing is short of oil.

Solution: 1 ) Clean up foreign objects; 2 ) Replace newer bearings; 3 ) Increase lubricants on time.


5. The upper and lower seals are damaged.

Cause of failure: The upper (lower) bushing causes heat due to the upper (lower) shifting friction on the bottom of the gland, causing damage over time.

Solution: Replace the newer upper and lower seals.