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Causes and solutions for blocking sanding equipment
- 2018-11-12 -

Blocking materials are common problems in crushing and sand-making equipment. The situation of blocking materials will affect the progress of the production line and cause losses to the enterprise. Only by understanding the reasons for blocking materials can we solve the problem and restore production early. Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory has summarized several common situations and hopes to help your production.


1 , the material has a large water content

If the moisture of the material is too much, the sand-making equipment may be broken. The solution is to pre-heat and other treatment at the inlet.

2 , the material hardness is high or the particle size is too large

When the material to be crushed is hard or the volume of the crushed material is too large, which is higher than the crushing range of the crushing and sand making equipment , the problem of clogging may also be caused, and the size of the crushed material may not be higher than the specified range and hardness.

3 , the feed rate is too fast

For example, the feeding speed of the equipment is not well matched with the processing speed, the feeding is fast and the crushing is slow, and the discharging is too late. The crushing and sand making equipment is prone to high-load work, which may cause the phenomenon of blockage, so when feeding the equipment, The uniformity and continuity of the feed are stabilized, and the problem of material blocking of the equipment is reduced.

4 , the v-belt tightness is not appropriate

In the production process, the crushing and sand-making equipment transmits the power to the sheave by the V-belt, and then crushes the stone. If the triangular belt is loose, it will cause the slippage. As the sheave rotates instead of driving the sheave, the material cannot be affected. The normal crushing force cannot be pulverized in the crushing chamber, and the material is blocked.


5 , the discharge port is not properly adjusted

In the production process of crushing and sand-making equipment, if the speed of discharging the material is too slow, the material that is subsequently crushed will accumulate in the discharge opening and the crushing chamber, causing obstacles in discharging.


6 , the production line equipment cooperation problem

For example, if the conveying capacity of the conveyor exceeds the crushing capacity, then when the conveying capacity of the conveyor does not match the crushing capacity of the crusher, the material is not broken and the material behind it enters the crusher, causing the crushing to not be blocked in time.