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Daily maintenance of sand and stone separator equipment
- 2018-11-12 -

As a more common equipment in sandstone production, sandstone separator equipment is very important for daily maintenance. What are the maintenance methods for sand and gravel separator equipment? Now Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory will share with you the relevant knowledge of the daily maintenance of sand stone separator equipment.

1. The sand stone separator machine cannot be started.

The cause of the failure: 1 ) insufficient voltage; 2 ) belt slip; 3 ) gear unit failure; 4 ) motor damage

Solution: 1 ) Change the voltage supply; 2 ) Tension the belt strip; 3 ) Repair the reducer; 4 ) Replace the motor.

2. Sand and stone separator equipment has noise

The cause of the failure: 1 ) bearing damage; 2 ) failure of the reducer; 3 ) the body of the wheel body rubs against the housing.

Solution: 1 ) Replace the bearing; 2 ) Repair the reducer; 3 ) Check and adjust the wheel body

3. The sandstone separator equipment bearing temperature is too high

Causes of failure: 1 ) grease is dirty; 2 ) improper use of grease; 3 ) bearing damage (generally the first two reasons).

Solution: 1 ) Replace the grease; 2 ) The amount of grease should be moderate, not too much or too little; 3 ) Replace the bearing.

4. The sand-spraying machine equipment will turn over when washing sand

The cause of the failure: 1 ) The speed of the spiral sand washing machine is too high; 2 ) The horizontal axis of the spiral disk is not fixed.

Solution: 1 ) Adjust the speed; 2 ) If the speed is adjusted normally and there is still a tumbling phenomenon, fix the horizontal axis.

5. Sand stone separator equipment rack vibration

The cause of the failure: 1 ) The coupling bolt is loose; 2 ) The bearing housing bolt is loose.

Solution: 1 ) Tighten the bolts; 2 ) Check and tighten the bolts.

If you have any other problems with our sand and gravel separator equipment, you can contact us and we will arrange an after-sales engineer to solve it for you.