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What are the daily maintenance work of broken sand making equipment?
- 2018-11-12 -

When the crushing sand making equipment works, the motor of the machine drives the impeller to rotate slowly through the components such as the V-belt and the reducer. The crushed material first enters the washing tank through the feeding trough, and rolls under the impeller of the crushing sand making device to remove the covered sand stone. Surface impurities and drain them from the tank to complete the cleaning. The clean sand is taken away by the blades, and the gravel is poured from the rotating impeller into the discharge trough to complete the cleaning of the sand. Today, the engineer of Qingzhou Aiping Machinery Parts Factory will take you to understand the maintenance of the crushing and sand making equipment, hoping to help you.

Since the structure of the crushing and sand making equipment is relatively compact and the production is meticulous, the crushing and sand making equipment should be carefully inspected before use, whether the joints between the parts are well connected, whether the gap is reasonable, and whether the screws between the parts are loose. Once an emergency occurs, what is the state of the equipment, which we should carefully observe, because the management of the crushing sand making equipment is based on the maintenance instructions of the machine to develop a maintenance plan and communicate with the machine operator. The maintenance of crushing and sand-making equipment requires a long time of accumulation. Many users do not pay attention to the details of these pre-production problems, causing problems in the production of crushing and sand-making equipment, and even causing production accidents, which need to attract the attention of users.

As a large-scale sand washing equipment, although the degree of automation of crushing and sand-making equipment is high, but the manual operation is very simple, the working environment is more complicated, should pay attention to the surrounding work site, rational use of crushing sand-making equipment, careful maintenance, timely Troubleshoot and various risk factors. The daily maintenance work of the crushing and sand making equipment is mainly completed by the operator on the same day. When the equipment is handed over, add lubricant to the machine according to the regulations, wipe the equipment, check whether the switch position is flexible and correct, and whether the equipment function is stable when idle. During the operation of the sand washing machine, whether the indicators are normal or not, the problem is solved in time.