Broken sand making equipment

Broken sand making equipment

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Working principle of crushing sand making equipment :

The material that needs to be broken falls into the feeding hopper of the sand making machine, and then is accelerated in the boring wheel through the middle feeding hole through the high-speed rotating boring wheel, and its acceleration can reach a fairly fast gravitational acceleration, and then from the boring wheel The inside is shot, colliding with another part of the material that falls freely after the rebound, and then the broken material hits the lining of the material or the counter-block, then springs back to the top of the vortex chamber, then changes the direction of movement of the material, the direction of the transition Move down and send out from the impeller flow path. Material collisions form a continuous material curtain. Thus, a piece of broken material experiences two or more collisions in the vortex breaking chamber, friction and grinding. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge port.


Application areas of crushing and sand-making equipment: river pebble, rock crushing, gravel field, etc.