Sieve sand machinery processing

Sieve sand machinery processing

Product Details

Common technical parameters for the processing of sieve sand machinery :

Screening machinery and equipment usually use mechanical feeding, mechanical drag and walk, the workload is generally 80-100 cubic meters / hour

The feeding conveyor rod has a length of 4-6 meters and a width of 2000px . It is equipped with a power type 350 reducer and a 7.5kw motor. The conveyor belt can be covered on the conveyor rod. The materials are usually rubber and nylon. .

Advantages of sieve sand machinery:

1. The sand-sanding device built in the sand-screening machinery can break up and break up the sand that is formed into a group, which is easy to discharge.

2. The installation of the sand-screening machinery should have some angles to facilitate the rolling of the sand to the discharge opening, and it is not easy to block the screen hole.

3. The material rod of the sieve sand machinery equipment is welded with round steel, which is good for belt transmission and is not easy to slip.